Saraline Corporate Uniform

Corporate Uniform Custom & Tailor Made Service

In order to have a well-fitted corporate uniform, we take every staff's body measurement and arrange fitting before proceeding the production. Our tailors are well-trained for solving the unfitted uniform. We specialize in tailor making the corporate suit, blazer, shirt, pants, skirt, dress and vest. 

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Corporate uniform can be fashionable and trendy. It depends on what material and design to be applied for your uniform. We can custom design and print the fabrics according to the customer's working environment and the nature of business. The uniform designs consist of trendy and stylish elements

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Corporate dress is now getting popular as a trendy corporate fashion in Malaysia. The way we choose the fabric for the dress are well performed in dressmaking. In order to go along with male staff uniform, we will carefully select the relevant color and pattern for matching

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Corporate Fashion Design Service

We provide corporate fashion design service based on your company image and theme color. The design and fabric will be matched well.

Corporate Fashion For Top Management

We offer high end and luxury fabrics for business attire that match to the corporate image. We have more than thousands type of fabrics suitable for business attire

Mobile Tailoring Service

We provide door to door tailoring service to your home and office within Klang Valley Region. We will carry the fabric selection as per request.

Group Tailoring Service

We offer group tailoring service for all department. We can tailor custom made the corporate uniform like suit, blazer, shirt, blouse, skirt, dress and vest.

Muslim Uniform Design Service

We also provide Muslim corporate design service for Muslim staff especially for female Muslim Staff

Corporate Label

We also provide corporate label design service for enhancing your corporate branding.

Custom Made Accessories Are Available

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