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About Us


Uniform Design Service Kuala Lumpur Petaling Jaya
Fashionable, Trendy, Modern Corporate Uniform Design

Our Approach

As a Malaysian’s leading uniform company, Saraline Corporate Uniform has taken a fresh approach to corporate, retail, hospitality, work wear and design. We focus on designing staff uniforms that offer unique features fit for work. We will recommend durable fabrics that get the job done. With a fashion design and tailoring background, we are able to create the world best uniform. Our team experience expands years in work wear and high end fashion will work with you to communicate the integrity of your brand to your customers and employees

Our Story

Saraline Corporate Uniform established in year 2009, Sara Lee, Chief Fashion director, started the business with tailoring background for suit, shirt, blouse, dress, pant and other modern fashion. Our concept and sensitivity to changing trend means, your uniform can be as contemporary or traditional as you wish.

Bespoke Design

We work with you to understand your brand and design practical yet stylish uniforms to enhance your brand integrity and communicate this to both your customers and employees. Our exceptionally talented team are able to use their corporate wear and high-end fashion experience to portray the right image for your brand with functionality in tact.

Quality & Sustainability

Our carefully selected range of hard-wearing fabrics ensure durability whilst enabling the wearer to perform their tasks comfortably and safely. Our suppliers value high environmental standards to reduce environmental impacts. We believe the durability of our garments play an important role here by providing long-term solutions to uniforms therefore reducing waste.



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